Monday, 18 April 2011

Finished Character Colour Sheets

 The colour sheets were a lot of fun to do, and it's been about 6 weeks in the running where i've been pestering jasmine if it's finally time to do them. I got the green light. Keeping in with my usual style of colours i did mainly murky greens, reds and browns for Joe. The colours were also put down to about 15% saturation because we're thinking of having minimal colours for the film as well, just to try them out. I personally like the second from the right with the brown jumper at the top.

For Richard i chose a few more colours on the palate. There were purples and turqoise and blues thrown in there, all very toned down mind you. I took a lot of influence from google imaging businessmen attire, and found that a lot of em wear light purples and camp kinda colours. I still think the first on the left works best, as it's simple and straight forward. much like richard.

Heather Rose was probabely the hardest to colour, as i was trying to find those old lady coloured dresses, but also make it not stand out too much. I think the yellow or the brown works best in this film, as it ties in with the rusty kind of colour and feel of the movie as a whole. Although i played around with purples and lime greens, i just don't think they fit this kind of film. I gave a few of her glasses rose and yellow tinges which was a lot of fun, maybe to signify that we was stuck in a different decade?

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