Sunday, 10 April 2011

Environment Adjustments

So after talking over a few things that needed to be changed, i set to work again on the environments. This time it was much easier as i already had a template. I re-traced the entire original bus stop illustration, this time drawing each level on layers, such as bus stop, mountains and city, and sky. The line work was made thinner, and i added a small perspective on the interior bus stop to make it look less flat. I'm really happy with this over. I've done five or so minor adjustments so we can now decide which one we prefer. This is the original without the sepia paper texture. I also changed the design of the mountains, making them jaged and less like my original style.

This is the original with the sepia texture up 100%, which i think looks really fantastic.

This is still my favourite, the sepia texture is on about 58% opacity, and i think this gives it a nice feel without dominating the colour.

All colours of the environment have been toned down to a minimal opacity, 10% or so. Not a huge fan of this one, i don't think it does much.

Experimenting with black mountains with white texture. I actually kinda like this, not sure whether i'm tossing up between the original or the black mountains. Probabely still the original, but it turned out better than i'd expected. I think they may stand out too much from everything else.

And my favourite, and the one that we will most likely use. I spent a lot of time on this one and i'm really happy with it, and proud of myself. I think the colours work well together and portray a really symbolic meaning.

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