Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Character Colours in Environment

I re-coloured the characters together, and placed them in the actual evironment to see what all of the colours would look like together. This color of pink for heather was new, as Jazz pointed out that she imagined her in a pinker dress. The colours of Rich and Joe were also Jasmine's colour  picks from the sheets. I've done a few mock ups of each, changing the saturation etc.

 The saturation was toned down for this one, and i think it actually works a lot better with the background. Not so sure about the colours working with the background though.

These were some of the colours i chose. I obviously was in favour of choosing drab browns, but i think in this case it works better with the mood of the overall shot.
The saturation was turned down for this one, and although i may be biased toward the colouring, i think it works best with environment colours overall.

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  1. I like the old lady colours from the second one, but i like the colourings overall of the other two characters from the first 2 cents :D