Monday, 14 March 2011

Rough Character Profile Sheets

I've been designing the three characters that are gunna be interacting with one another with the idea of contrasting shapes and personalities in mind. For our homeless man, nicknamed 'Sloppy Joe', i've used mellow, rounded objects for his body features, as well as elastic legs that are very loose. This gives off his humble, quiet personality, which contrasts with Richard the business man, who has extremely chiselled features, especially his face. It's as if he were carved outta stone. Although his body movements will be fluid, there will still be a rigidness to his movements to express his built up, workaholic personality. Heather-Rose Wood, the old lady, is a combination of both, having extremely small, rigid legs, and a nice flowing back that gives off a decent line of movement. She is seen in the film as a kind old lady, and i didn't want to take away from that by making her rigid. In a lot of ways, i'm sticking to the old lady stereotype, giving her flower dress and an over-assortment of jewelery, to signify that she's obviously stuck in a past decade.

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