Monday, 21 March 2011

Alright! After a labour intensive, but very satisfying day, i've finished the character turnaround outlines. This is the final outline for Richard. Jazz and I agreed that we will use a thicker pen (size 14) for the outline of the body, and a thinner pen size (8) for the inner detail. I've never really drawn with different pen sizes before, but i think it turned out really well. I'm happy with how richard turned out, he has that arrogant, sophisticated business look about him, which kinda makes you hate him. I may work on making the legs a little longer, or the body somewhat smaller.

Heather Rosewood was a lot of fun to draw. I really wanted to stretch the boundaries of a stereotypical old lady. I made her tiny in comparison with Richard, at least a metre smaller than him. Her enormous glasses kinda give her a lovable feel, well at least i hope they do. I'm pretty happy with her overall. I decided to ditch the flowers on her dress as it really would've taken way too long to re-draw each one of them while animating.
I decided to do Joe last, because i knew i'd have the most problems with him, and i did. His moustache is extremely hard to get right, and i think his front on pose is a little strange, especially with his arms. I think i might have a go at changing them. Overall, this character took me four hours to draw, which is a helluvva long time. I'm now working on the colour schemes of each character, as well as building up the personal backgrounds.

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