Tuesday, 29 March 2011

New Updates! Turnaround Touchups and Newspaper Logos

Have been working pretty hard over the last week or so, trying to juggle all of the assessment. So this is the first clean of the newspaper that Joe will be curled up under at the bus stop, showing him and his band at a much younger time, and establishing that he was in a band. It also shows the logo that will be the same logo tattooed on Richards arm. I called the band 'Heavy Hands' because of that late 80's/early 90's grunge scene that formed in portland, and those kind of mellow, murky names that came out of that time era. The skull was influenced from the Grateful Dead skull, but i also think the skull is awesome with the fire for some reason. it's badass in an ironic kind of way. I designed too other small logos incase we want to edit it.
These are the FINAL last clean turnarounds for our characters. There were a few small changes that needed to be made, such as Heather needed to have ears, as that forms the basic of one of the most climatic parts of the film. We also gave her a hearing aid to show that she was practically deaf, using the pixar film 'Up' for influence, as Carl the old man has a hearing aid in his right ear.
                                                                       Richards posture was changed dramatically. His belly was completely taken out to give him less of an aged effect, and also contrasting with Joe's belly, and his side on pose was considerabely changed from a weak pose to a bold, arrogant kind of chest stick-out. His extra hand was also added, holding the ipod.

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